Guest Artist Recital: Qawwali - Ecstatic Sufi
Singers of Pakistan
Room: Recital Hall
Building: College of Music Building
When: 11-2-2017 @ 8:00 PM

Qawwali is a musical tradition associated with the Sufi (mystical Islamic) traditions of South Asia. Singers called “qawwals” present poetry in Persian, Urdu, Punjabi, and Arabic that celebrates a loving relationship with the Divine. Qawwali was developed by the 13th-century poet Amir Khusrau in the thirteenth century, who blended elements from Indian classical music with the ecstatic practices of Sufi rituals.

Ghayoor, Moiz, Mustafa Qawwal from Karachi, Pakistan represent the 28th generation of direct descendants of the original singers trained by Amir Khusrau. Masters of melody, rhythm, and poetry, the brothers are considered the foremost young qawwals in the world today. They are known for the authenticity of their musical tradition and the emotional impact of their performance.

The ensemble consists of three lead vocalists accompanied and several accompanying vocalists. Melodic accompaniment is played on harmonium (reed organ), and rhythmic accompaniment on tabla and dholak (Indian drums).

Free admission.

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