Spectrum: Sponsored by Composers Forum
Room: Recital Hall
Building: College of Music Building
When: 11-7-2017 @ 8:00 PM

Bynes - Sirenum Scupoli
   Kathryn Davidson, flute
   Fabio Moales, flute
   Yeonsuk Jung, violin
   EMma Bittner, cello
diFalco - Under Dead Elms
   Ligeia Mare
   Ron Miles, cornet
   Elaine diFalco, piano
   Farrell Lowe, guitar/percussion
   Dave Wiley, bass/organ
   Raoul Rossiter, drumset
   Mark Harris, percussion
   Elaine diFalco, video production
   Recording entineered by Colin Bricker
   at Mighty Fine Audio, Denver CO
   Mixed and mastered by Bob Drake
   at Studio Midi-Pyrénées, France
   fixed video
Molnar - ROMANS
   Stephen Symank, marimba
Fraire - Smell
   Omar Fraire, spray deodorant
   fixed video
Ramirez - From Dance to Dance
   Phoenix Abbo, violin
   Bailey Anderson, violin
   Charles Stolze, viola
   Emma Bittner, cello
Broughton - from Tyvek Wood
   Nova Ensemble
   Brittney Balkcom, flute
   Kathleen Crabtree, viola
   Urszula Rucka, harp

Free admission.

Free parking spaces will be available in Lot 26 (Highland Street, between Bain Hall and Music Practice South) for patrons attending performances at the College of Music on weekends and after 5:00pm on weekdays.