Guest Artist Recital: Splinter Reeds,
Reed Quintet
Room: Voertman Hall
Building: College of Music Building
When: 11-17-2017 @ 5:00 PM

Mellits - from Splinter
Giger - Contaminaire
Macklay - Choppy
Haxo - Exercises for Reed Quintet
Wubbels - Auditory Scene Analysis II

Kyle Bruckmann, oboe
Bill Kalinkos, clarinet
David Wegehaupt, saxophone
Jeff Anderle, bass clarinet
Dana Jessen, bassoon

Splinter Reeds is the San Francisco Bay Area’s first reed quintet comprising five virtuosic musicians with a shared passion for new music. The ensemble is committed to presenting top tier performances of today’s best contemporary composition, showcasing the vast possibilities of the reed quintet, and commissioning new works through collaboration with fellow musicians and artists. Splinter Reeds formed in 2013 with the coming together of five colleagues highly active in the vibrant Bay Area music scene. Their dynamic instrumentation is an evolutionary detour from the traditional woodwind quintet with the advantages of a more closely related instrument family.

Free admission.

Free parking spaces will be available in Lot 26 (Highland Street, between Bain Hall and Music Practice South) for patrons attending performances at the College of Music on weekends and after 5:00pm on weekdays.