Non-Degree Recital: Drew Zaremba, Jazz
Arranging and Composition
Room: Kenton Hall
Building: College of Music Building
When: 3-21-2013 @ 8:00 PM

Assisted by:
The Fellowship Big Band
Saxophones: Adam Hutcheson
and Aaron Hedenstrom (alto),
Chris McGuire (tenor),
Chris Reardon (tenor),
Spenser Liszt (baritone);
Trumpets: Andrew Bezik,
Michael Campagna,
Ally Hany, Rodney Booth;
Trombones: Steve Wiest,
Carl Lundgren, Jenny Kellogg,
Matthew Corrigan,
Sean Casey (bass);
Piano: Colin Campbell;
Guitar: Alex Cannon;
Bass: Lynn Seaton;
Drumset: Rich DeRosa

Gordon - Dig This!
Berlin - Remember
Haines - Rosetta
Kern/Mercer - I'm Old Fashioned
Zaremba - The Beat Trader
McCurdy - And Your Point Would Be ...?
Traditional Swedish Folk Song (trans. Boberg) - How Great Thou Art
Jones - Green Onions